Boys Gymnastics Classes

Ratio – 8:1
Age – 5 years old and up
Duration – 60 minutes

Each class is lead by a professional instructor with safety certification. Boys are taught skills on pommel horse, rings, high bar, parallel bars, floor, vault and trampoline. Introduction of the required skills progresses to mastery of basic skills while building strength and endurance. Advanced training is available to those who qualify. The student’s skills will be evaluated every three months to ensure proper class placement and advancement.


In our time, many parents are eager to give their child a variety of options for harmonious development. One of the most popular sports activities is gymnastics. It is popular not only among girls but also among boys. After all, it can give confidence, flexibility, firmness in character and endurance to everyone. Golden Grip Gymnastics will help your child to develop all these qualities in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.


The Development and Competitions

The competitive program for boys gymnastics is divided into two types. Firstly, it is a mandatory program, where each participant performs a number of standard exercises, stated by the regulations. Secondly – it’s an arbitrary program. Here, each gymnast presents his own composition of elements and exercises, which must necessarily correspond to sports standards.


Why Should You Choose Us to Start the Sports Career of Your Child

  • our teachers are multiple champions and winners of European and world competitions;
  • convenient time for classes;
  • individual approach to each child;
  • large selection of classes;
  • modern equipment;
  • constant support and motivation from our coaches.


We will be very glad to see your boy at our classes. We are located in Plano, TX so feel free to contact us and take your first lesson already today!