Kid Tumbling Classes

Ratio – 8:1
Age – 5 years old and up
Duration – 60 minutes

Each class is lead by a professional instructor with safety certification. A progression of skills is taught from beginner to advances. Beginners are introduced to proper techniques for cartwheels, round offs and back handsprings on trampoline. Intermediate students receive instruction for skills on floor. Advanced students work on multiple flips skills on tumble track and rod floor.


Scientists have long ago proved that it is harmful to suppress the activity of a child for his normal physical and psychological development. The main thing is to concentrate his energy in the right direction. Children’s sport is the best solution in this case. Tumbling will help the child develop as harmoniously as possible, and we will do our best to help your kid to achieve great results.


Tumbling Lessons and Competitions

Tumbling itself is a kind of combination and sport and artistic gymnastics. This combination of two directions gives an ideal result in terms of physical fitness and skills, and also it looks very beautiful from the outside. Competitions performances consist of a set of basic exercises that are shown in a certain sequence along the track.

Reasons You Should Choose Us

  • we are proud of our competent and professional coaches;
  • we have a variety of classes and a convenient time for each of them you can choose from;
  • we work only with modern and safe equipment;
  • you can be sure that your child will be trained, supervised and supported;
  • the safety and psychological comfort of our students are our key priorities!

We are located in Plano, TX and invite all kids from neighborhood area to visit our tumbling classses! Let’s get in touch already today in order to become achieved better with each other!

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