Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Ration – 7:1
Age – 3 to 4 years old
Duration – 45 minutes

Each class is lead by a professional instructor with experience in training younger children. Pre-school classes are designed as an introduction to gymnastics. Instruction is given in basic gymnastics skills on equipment specifically sized for younger athletes. Emphasis is placed on proper basic technique and body awareness. Students learn skills on vault, bars, balance beam, floor and trampoline.

A feature of the development of preschool age (3 year old, 4-year-old) children is that they have not yet fully formed all motor skills. To develop these skills correctly, as well as lay the foundation for your child’s continued sporting success, Golden Grip Gymnastics offers to visit Preschool Gymnastics Classes.

The Importance of Preschool Programs

In the younger preschool age, the kids take their first steps in sports and get acquainted with physical exercises with the help of the general developing elements of gymnastics, as well as through various outdoor games. At this age, during physical education lessons with a child, it is necessary to carefully ensure that he has the correct posture. Especially it is necessary to ensure that the child correctly puts his legs and exactly keep his back. Exercises such as somersaults, jumps, and stances, are not only very popular and pleasant, they also contribute to the mental, psychomotor and emotional development of preschoolers.

Few Words About Our Gym

By doing gymnastics in our school, your child will receive:

  • professional training from multiple champions
  • individual approach, taking into account the physical level of the child
  • modern equipment
  • absolute safety and health benefits.

We are located in Plano, TX and invite all preschool kids to get our trial lesson for free!

— “A fantastic fitness center for children who want to improve their body through vigorous exercise and have a great time doing it!”
David Michael

— “My son is training gymnastics here. He ‘s very happy. Great coaches!”
Elisa Guinea